Hi! Welcome to my new comic, Shards - the Shattered World!

I've been working on this story in its various forms for like a decade. So one could say I'm a bit excited. XD

I'm also happy to have a patreon up! I appreciate anything you can donate, and your readership even if you can't!

Shards is being posted on multiple platforms to make it easier to follow on the one you prefer, such as here on the main website, deviantart, Twitter, tapastic, and comic rocket. It's probably best to follow me on one of them because I'm likely only going to be able to manage one page a month for Shards while it's in color because of my hand problems and doing my other comic, Kyoshi The Undiscovered Avatar at the same time, so it could probably be easy to forget about if you don't follow or subscribe.

I realize one page a month is a glacial pace for a comic, if I could make them faster I would. I'm practicing and trying to optimize my process, and I'll also be switching to black and white and I hope to be able to make a page per week, meaning a page every other week for both comics.

Enjoy! :)